Shane Hyde


Born in England in 1973, I spent my childhood in the Black Country town of Dudley. Despite being a highly proficient art student, Dudley was lacking in support for a young creative and I lost my way in my 20’s but now work full-time as an artist in North Norfolk.


I came to paint landscapes quite recently, having been reluctant at first as there are many artists already producing landscapes in my area and it is difficult to make ones self stand out. Nevertheless, I confess that I find them an addictive and highly challenging form. Trying to capture the subtleties of light and colour found in a scene is one of the hardest things I have tried. Painting large murals and portraits seems easy in comparison and I am filled with the greatest respect for Monet and Turner. My ambition is to produce paintings as powerful and dramatic as theirs.


I am currently working on a series of paintings centred around forgotten places. Hidden away in Norfolk are an array of old factories, derelict churches, redundant railway buildings and abandoned houses hanging from eroded cliffs. The way that nature reclaims man-made structures interests me greatly.



0044 7980987272