Jeremy Houghton

Jeremy is an established artist whose imaginative and distinctive style has led to a number of prestigious commissions including resident artist at Highgrove Estate for HRH The Prince of Wales, and official BT artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games. His ability to capture motion and light has earnt him a reputation as a true innovator in the visual arts.

Jeremy’s paintings explore the dynamics of motion and light, inviting us to speculate upon our changing perception of reality and the different ways in which we represent the visual world. Fundamental relationships between a painting’s ground layer, surface, and identifiable forms are often ambiguous. In this hinterland, the physicality of air and space, and the ebb and flow of the making process are substantiated through reflections on human activity and nature.

In his water colours, negative spaces of unblemished paper abut positive spaces of tonal variation. With the contrast turned up, the viewer is bedazzled with light, and ushered into an imaginary perception of motion. In larger works, figurative forms appear to transform into abstract marks. Though the eye may be steadfastly locked on a recognizable image, a fluctuating, sensory experience is elicited by a picture space imbued with optical vibration.


Tel: 0044 7980 987272